Kirbie Robbins

Co-Artistic Director

I've always had a flair for being centre stage and singing my heart out. Over the years, this creativity has grown into a passion of mine, one that I treasure and work on everyday. I now spend my time working on new pieces of writing, analysing new plays at the theatre and of course, bobbing my head along to big musical numbers. Although I'm into more contemporary and musical pieces of theatre, I am open to all and interested in what other people in the world have to give to the stage. This is what Equal Art is all about - being open and involved.

Freddie Walker

Co-Artistic Director

After finishing college, it was a decision between following the crowd and heading to drama school or university, or starting a company from scratch and working my own values and ideas into the fabric of that company. Equal Art is a product of a desire to be different and build a creative community centred around one idea - all art forms should be open to everyone, and the rules and regulations often governing the production and reception of art don't always need to be followed. No matter where you are from or who you know; If you have passion and a creative flair, then you should be able to present yourself on a platform accessible to everybody and anybody.

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