Los Canibales Están Llegando

Walk uphill. Feel the sweat on your brow.

Hola, perro herido, he won’t bite you, for now.

Keep treking up, steep up El Cerro.

Be careful, don’t look, what’s there in that Shadow?

Finding your way, keep your feet pumping.

The bark of the wolf, frightens you, jumping.

Slowly but surely, you find your way up.

Las casas, estan, vacias, fuck.

Don’t step on that twig, they’ll hear you, they’ll come.

Estás asustado, this stopped being fun.

Man with a shovel, old man, a friend.

He welcomes you down, this isn’t the end.

Back to the path, all trodden, well kept.

No morirás hoy, no – no not yet.

Finally home, back in the warm.

Warm as can be, so warm, so warm.

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